The Joe Effect

Joe Franchise Burrow has made our Dey in so many ways. Someone commenting on a Dave Lapham video has unearthed an important one that I hadn't realized. It explains a bit more why we've been seeing what we've been seeing this year. Some of you may already know about this, but it's always great to have another thing to be happy about as a Bengals fan. So here it is for my CJ brothers and sisters. The comment, followed by my response:

Two 4th quarter comebacks this year! Joe’s got that magic! The Brady effect, instead of rolling over and giving up they know they got Burrow. The defense knows they just need to get the next stop and he can score. The receivers know they just need to beat they’re guy this play a Joe will get them a catchable ball. That’s what a winning mentality is. Even when they're down, they still believe they’re going to win! That’s huge to a team! The best thing the Bengals ever did was draft Joe Burrow.

I think you have nailed some of what's been going on. It's been obvious for some time that Joe has elevated everyone around him on the team in terms of how hard to work in preparation and in practice. But now you've explained the effect he has on his team when they're all on the field. Just by doing what he does, Joe has installed this winning mentality you have describe here into the heads of his teammates. That alone would have made him worth the first draft pick.

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