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Bengals Mailbag: Quarterback duels, trench warfare and artificial advantages

Anthony Cosenza, John Sheeran and Zim WhoDey get together for a special crossover episode, talking about the Bengals’ matchup versus Tennessee, while also fielding listener questions. Get yours to them!

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For the first time in the existence of this website and its associated podcasts, we’re talking about the Cincinnati Bengals moving on further into the postseason. Their win over the Raiders has punched their ticket to Nashville, where a tough Titans team awaits.

To continue your Bengals coverage and get your weekend kicked off right, we conducted a roundtable and Listener Questions Live show on Friday afternoon. John Sheeran and Zim WhoDey joined me, as we talk Bengals vs. Titans and answered your questions!

Even though we were missing a couple of our buddies in Matt Minich and Ace Boogie to make it complete, this was one of our favorite episodes to date. Not only did we have a long episode because of answering a ton of questions, we raised money for The Jovante Woods Foundation.

Some of the questions and concerns this week, as the Bengals face the Titans in the Divisional Round:

  • Defensively, what should the Bengals’ plan be with Derrick Henry? Tennessee will likely try runs aimed at the outside, so members of the secondary are in play, in terms of the Titans’ run game.
  • Who are some of our Bengals’ “man crushes” on this years’ squad?
  • Are five-wide and empty sets the key for the Bengals’ offense this week?
  • The Titans fans’ defense of Ryan Tannehill is reminiscent of Bengals’ fans rebuttals during 2011-2018.
  • What do we feel are the biggest priorities of impending Bengals free agents impending this spring?
  • Each team has strengths and weakness on their current offensive and defensive lines. What are they and how can each team exploit them Saturday?
  • And so much more!

If we didn’t get to yours, you can send your questions to us in a number of ways:

  • A number of live chats and comment threads. On this post, the above-embedded YouTube video, Cincy Jungle’s Facebook and more. YouTube “Super Chats” will also be open!
  • Call/Text (949) 542-6241.
  • Email us at
  • Tweet @BengalsOBI or @CincyJungle.

Get them to us!

And, a reminder, we are continuing to raise funds for a donation towards the Jovante Woods Foundation. Ickey Woods joined us earlier this week and we are hoping to make a sizable donation to the charity in his son’s honor.

All YouTube Super Chats and other forms of donations you send to us this week will go towards that charity. They provide information and resources in the arena of asthma research. Go support them how you can.

If you’re unable to join us live here at Cincy Jungle or YouTube for every episode, all of our podcast content is available here on CJ, the Stitcher, Spotify, iHeart Radio and Google Play Music apps, our Orange and Black Insider YouTube channel, as well as through Megaphone and, as always, on iTunes! Thanks for listening and go subscribe to our channels to be notified when we’re going live and when new episodes are available!