What this year's team means to me

I lived in Cincinnati until I was 9, when my family decided to move to Florida. That was in 1981 and I brought my love of the Bengals with me. At that time we were still a pretty respected franchise, and remained so until the 90's. Since the lost decade I have put up with people laughing at my Bengals fandom, asking why don't I just pick a different team, and worst of all the pity comments. Oh, you're a Bengals fan, maybe with a good draft next year they might turn it around, etc. Those were the worst.

I never gave up hope, but until the drafting of Joe Burrow I had started to think I'd follow my father to the grave without ever seeing the Bengals win another playoff game. This playoff run means I will no longer here pity comments. Nobody will suggest I adopt a different team.

After all the heartache and misery our faith has been rewarded. For all of you who have suffered for decades with this team, for all the younger fans who came up in the Dalton era, and even for the bandwagon fans who just want to watch Burrow and the gang, enjoy this. This team has given us what we have all hoped for for so long, something to believe in. I am proud to be a fan of the Cincinnati Bengals and no one is laughing now. WHO DEY

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