Bengals Offensive Line

First of all, I am very happy and thankful that the Bengals gutted out this win !! Great year so far !! Defense played great and we needed every drop of the Great effort they gave in this game !!

Now the offensive line was plain out TERRIBLE !! Hopefully Burrow won't have a career ending injury behind these guys. I know they try to do their job but they just can't do it. 19 games played this year and they act like they can;t communicate still and so many failures to do their job. We need at least 3 o-lineman this off season and the help can;t come soon enough. We have a great young qb, who has been destroyed two years in a row. We have a lot of young talent on this team, but if Burrow is getting killed and hurt, this team goes no where. We really really need a center, guard and tackle on the right side. Please make this priority one this off season !! We got enough money to resign the players we have, that will be free agents and to sign some o-line help. REAL o-line help, not bargain basement guys or 4th, 5th,6th or 7th rounders !!! Who is with me ?

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