DJ Reader Press Conference - Good Stuff

I always dig trying to watch the press conference clips from players the day after the game and was excited to see this one as I haven't heard Reader speak before. We are all different and i know we are inspired by different leaders. I know a lot of people are into the confidence/swagger /not cockiness kind of thing that I am seeing from the young guys....but this wasn't a mantra or a show, just from the heart, truth and telling it like it is. I'm not superhuman with ice in my veins (but sure as hell happy we got some of those on this team!) and I can't ignore what I see in the media and hear at the sports bar or wherever. I can choose to let go of this underdog mentality, though. Reader is right. These free agents that have helped make this team what it is as well as the other players and staff have OVERcome adversity and the narrative. Underdogs no more, A new dey! Proud of this team!!

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