Long-term impact of this playoff run

For awhile I have been thinking about the decision looming, in the next few years (not sure exactly when this comes up) to renew the Bengals' lease at PBS, or not. I don't live in the area and I don't understand the economics of it, but my general understanding is that taxpayers of Hamilton County are going to have to agree to pay up again, sometime in the next few years, to keep the Bengals in town. And, there had been talk that with the recent years of decline, there was declining interest in the team, and that if it were up to voters / county representatives to decide to pay to keep the team in town or not, there would be a good chance the local voters would be fine letting the franchise move on.

This would be a sad turn of events. I don't live anywhere near Cincinnati any more, but I would hate to see the team relocate.

But, this playoff run now seems to be changing everything. And the way Zac is linking the team to the city, the city to the team, it feels like the bond is growing exponentially. It seems to me, this playoff run changes the dynamic for the next few years and the likelihood the Bengals stay in Cincinnati for a long time to come has just increased, by a lot.

Do you who live in or near Hamilton County feel the same way?

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