Pointless January Mock Draft

Final Four! These Bengals followed up the first playoff win in my lifetime with another one. Wooo!

Another dumb and futile exercise. 6-round PFF mock draft before the end of the season, free agency, combine, pro days, etc. I also don't watch college football, so I have no idea what I'm talking about in terms of prospects.

Team needs according to my untrained eyes:

  • 1-2 beasts on the interior Offensive Line
  • Cornerback depth behind Chido, Hilton, and Apple. Kudos to Apple for improving his play as the season progressed.
  • Offensive Tackle depth
  • Tight End depth
  • Safety depth
  • In addition, I would love to see them add another pass rusher to the rotation.

Bengals have picks 29, 61, 93, 131, 137, 170, and 206. No Trades.

Let's do this!

Pick #29: Bernhard Raimann, OT, Central Michigan - 6'7", 305lbs. 19th ranked player on PFF's board and he was the best player available. He posted a 94.3 PFF grade in 2021 (3rd in the nation) and gave up 10 pressures on 895 snaps. Sure, he wasn't blocking SEC defenders, but still...

He's from Austria, which is cool, I guess. BUILD UP THE LINE.

Pick #61: Nik Bonitto, Edge, Oklahoma - 6'3", 240lbs. 50th ranked player on PFF's board and 5th best player available. He's posted 92+ pass rushing grades over the last two seasons. Let him hunt with Hendrickson, Ossai, Hubbard, etc.

Pick #93: Marquis Hayes, G, Oklahoma - 6'5", 325lbs. PFF's 88th overall prospect and 8th best available player. Posted a 75.3 PFF grade in 2021.

Pick #131: Cam Taylor-Britt, CB, Nebraska - 6'0", 197lbs. 111th on PFF's board and 7th best player available. Posted a 74.2 PFF grade in 2021. Good size and adds depth behind Chido, Apple, and Hilton.

Pick #137: Jarrett Patterson, C, Notre Dame - 6'5", 307lbs. 151st on PFF's board and something like 25th best player available. Here, I decide to pull the trigger on a Center to compete for the starting job. After Linderbaum, the Center prospects are rated all over the place. PFF has Patterson and Lindstrom rated as 5th round prospects, while others like PFN have them rated as 2nd-3rd rd prospects.

Pick #170: Nick Cross, S, Maryland - 6'1", 210lbs. 152nd on PFF's board and 2nd best player available. Depth behind Bates and Bell (hopefully, Bates is retained). I'm sure he would compete for special teams role.

Pick #206: Micah McFadden, LB, Indiana- 6'2", 232lbs. 187th on PFF's board and 5th best player available.

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