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Sean Payton rooting for Cincinnati in playoffs but says ‘Who Dey’ came after ‘Who Dat’

‘Who Dey’ still better either way.

New Orleans Saints v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images

Sean Payton announced his retirement from the NFL today, as he’s leaving the New Orleans Saints after being the team’s head coach since 2006.

During his retirement press conference, which ironically was on the NFL Network while a replay of the Bengals’ playoff win over the Titans was supposed to be airing, Payton said he’s a fan of Cincinnati this postseason.

But while that may have gotten him on the good side of Bengals fans, he immediately attempted to thwart that by saying the Bengals’ ‘Who Dey’ chant came after the Saints’ Who Dat’ chant.

All joking aside, you know you’re a fun show to watch if you’ve got an offensive guru like Payton cheering you on. The Bengals’ bandwagon has certainly grown by leaps and bounds since the arrival of Joe Burrow, who played not far from Payton while shattering NCAA records at LSU, so that’s probably a big reason for Payton’s new fandom as well.

Who Dey!