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Top 10 plays from Bengals’ shootout victory over Chiefs

A Ja’Marr Chase play may or may not be listed here...

Kansas City Chiefs v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

In the digital age, the Cincinnati Bengals have won plenty of games that are worth rewatching. Two that come to mind are the 2013 win over the Green Bay Packers, and the 2015 win over the Seattle Seahawks. Both were come-from-behind victories against great teams that occurred pretty early in separate playoff years.

But there’s just something about a red-hot Kansas City Chiefs team coming into Cincinnati that produces pure magic.

Bengals fans are going to remember Sunday’s win over the Chiefs for a long time, much like they still remember when their 2003 meeting when the Bengals shocked the world and proved Chad Johnson right.

An instant classic has to have signature moments, and many will immediately think of Ja’Marr Chase for those, but there were other fantastic plays the Bengals made outside of Chase.

These are our top 10 plays from the Bengals’ win, ordered chronologically.

1: Ja’Marr Chase has everyone chasing

Man, did they need this in the worst way. Down 14 points with the first quarter still not over, Chase took a rudimentary first-down conversion and turned it into six points thanks to his unheralded extra gear. The Chiefs looked absolutely befuddled when he sprinted past all of them.

2: That’s how you Griddy

Two plays prior to this, Chiefs cornerback Charavarius Ward broke up an underthrown deep ball to Chase. To celebrate, Ward performed Chase’s signature celebration after the play, with the originator of the dance in attendance nonetheless. Joe Burrow made up for it by going back to Chase again, and his back-shoulder grab has since become the cover of the latest edition of Sports Illustrated.

3: Vonn Bell saves a field goal

The CBS broadcast crew called this a drop by Tyreek Hill, but that didn’t seem fair or accurate. Hill may’ve bobbled this deep bomb from Patrick Mahomes initially, but if Bell doesn’t turn his head and extend his arm into Hill’s chest, the three-time All-Pro receiver definitely makes that grab. Bell kept the Chiefs out of field goal range and likely saved three points.

4: Uno gets tres touchdowns

While Hill was struggling to get involved in the Chiefs’ passing game, Chase was looking like the NFL’s next version of him. Joe Burrow saw Chase burst into the the honey hole of the Chiefs’ Cover 2 defense, and the rookie phenom did the rest.

5: Tee Higgins is still here

The second half of the season has seen Tee Higgins turboboost his development. He wasn’t involved much in this game, but we can add this play to his impressive 2021 highlight reel. To stack cornerback Rashad Fenton at the catch point and secure the ball with Fenton’s arm in his chest was simply tremendous.

6: Tyler Boyd shows his clutch gene

Later in that same drive, the Bengals took their first lead of the game with a corner route to the back pylon of the end zone. Burrow tossed the ball from the far hash with perfect timing and touch, and Boyd’s toe-drag completed the Bengals’ 11-point comeback in the second half.

7: The ultimate zero blitz

The Chiefs played 24 minutes of second-half football without scoring a point—a titanic feat by the Bengals’ defense. They would concede a field goal after this play, but thanks to a gutsy zero blitz call from defensive coordinator Lou Anarumo, they prohibited Mahomes from finishing the drive in the end zone. Hats off to Jessie Bates and Co. for closing in on Mahomes quickly

8: If it ain’t broke...

We’ve arrived at the final drive, and Chase isn’t done yet. He gets a one-on-one with Ward and takes the ball off his outstretched hand for a huge first down. He achieved his career-high for yardage with this catch, and it’d be a little more memorable had the next play not occurred.

9: ...Don’t fix it

This play was so insane we had to write a whole article about it. It’s the longest third-down conversion the Bengals have made since 2009, and it’s truly flabbergasting how the Chiefs left Ward alone on Chase AGAIN.

10: Joe Mixon’s most important yard

The most boring play on the list, but just as meaningful as the rest. Mixon’s third down conversion here helped the Bengals eventually run down the clock and kick a short field goal as time expired. The Chiefs got penetration up the middle, but Mixon bounced to the outside just enough to earn a new set of downs.

What was your favorite play? Did we leave one of yours out? Let us know in the comments below!