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‘JA’MARR DOWN THERE SOMEWHERE’ among latest Bengals swag from BreakingT

There’s plenty of new Bengals swag to choose from following their playoff-clinching win over the Chiefs.

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We’ve already got another line of Ja’Marr Chase swag: ‘JA’MARR DOWN THERE SOMEWHERE.

Get yours now!

There’s no question Sunday’s win over the Chiefs was one of the Cincinnati Bengals’ best victories in recent memory, perhaps ever.

After all, it marked just the Bengals’ fifth division title since 1991 and the first since 2015. It also came in thrilling fashion against a Chiefs team that’s arguably the best in the NFL.

It also comes after the Bengals won just six games over the last two seasons combined, so this was definitely a day to celebrate and remember forever.

Now, we’ve got some new swag from our pals at BreakingT to celebrate the monumental victory!

First up is the newest Ja’Marr Chase apparel: ‘Ja’Marr Frickin’ Chase.’

Because frankly, we’ve all ran out of adjectives to describe just how great Chase is, as he continues to shatter nearly every rookie receiving record there is.

And of course, to celebrate the Bengals’ AFC North title, BreakingT has unveiled their ‘Rule the North’ apparel.

Be sure to check out all the Bengals clothing options offered at BreakingT.