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Bengals at Saints: Week 6 Madden Simulation

We simulated the Bengals at Saints in Madden to try to predict the outcome of the Week 6 matchup.

Bengals at Saints: Madden Highlights

With a loss to the Ravens, the Bengals offense still has not risen to the heights that they hit in 2021.

However, even without Tee Higgins after the first quarter, the offense started showing signs of life. If the Bengals can carry that momentum to New Orleans and finally get their offense started, this could be the turning point of the season.

The first drive of the game against New Orleans will be key to see if the Bengals can take the successes they had and translate them to a new and improved game plan.

With that said, let’s take a look and see what Madden predicts the Bengals will be able to do in Week 6.

The Saints start with the ball, but the game gets off to a slow start, with both teams getting stopped before reaching midfield. After the second Saints punt however, the Bengals offense finally gets going and the Bengals drive down the field before finishing on a Tee Higgins touchdown.

Tee Higgins touchdown

Bengals: 7 - 0

The Saints get the ball on the kickoff and try to drive down the field, but are quickly stopped by the Bengals who receive the punt and are able to get another good drive going. With the two-minute warning coming up Burrow is able to hit Drew Sample, who despite being taken off the roster and put on IR somehow got on the field to score. (I removed Sample from the roster prior to starting the game, but I guess Madden just decided he was going to play)

Drew Sample Touchdown

Bengals: 14 - 0

The Saints receive the ball, but are unable to drive down before the end of the half. Following halftime the Bengals receive the ball and don’t let up on the Saints, driving down the field to the 21, where Burrow hits Ja’Marr Chase for a touchdown with a defender draped all over him. Exactly the connection the Bengals need to keep finding.

Ja’Marr Chase touchdown

Bengals: 21 - 0

The Saints receive the kickoff and after two unsuccessful plays are looking to make something happen on third down. Jameis Winston fires the ball down the middle and it is picked off by Logan Wilson. With everyone running deep routes, Wilson is free to take the interception back for a pick-six, further enhancing the lead.

Logan Wilson touchdown

Bengals: 28 - 0

The Saints receive the ball once again following the Bengals touchdown and are finally able to get past midfield for the first time in the game. With the Bengals playing soft defense they are able to drive down the field and Alvin Kamara punches it in for the Saints’ first points of the game.

Alvin Kamara touchdown

Bengals: 28 - 7

Not wanting to be outshadowed, or give the Saints any semblance of hope, the Bengals drive down the field. They are able to chew up a good amount of clock with some solid Mixon runs, before he is eventually able to punch it in for the score.

Joe Mixon touchdown

Bengals: 35 - 7

At this point with under five minutes in the game the Bengals shift into purely prevent defense and the Saints take what is given to them to drive down the field. On 3rd down Michael Thomas is able to get free from Chidobe Awuzie and score a touchdown.

Michael Thomas touchdown

Bengals: 35 - 14

The Bengals receive the kickoff and are able to run out the rest of the clock before kneeling to take home the victory.

Final Score

Bengals: 35 - 14

Final Score and stats