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Marcus Peters goes at it with John Harbaugh during Ravens meltdown vs. Bills

You really hate to see it.

The Baltimore Ravens were in great shape to finish Week 4 alone on top of the AFC North after the Browns fell earlier in the day. All Baltimore had to do was not blow a 20-3 lead at home to the Bills.

Spoiler: Baltimore did, in fact, blow a 20-3 lead at home to the Bills and wound up losing 23-20.

And one Ravens defender was quite upset with how the game transpired.

At the end of the game, cornerback Marcus Peters confronted head coach John Harbaugh and engaged in a verbal altercation that was briefly caught by the CBS broadcast.

It’s unclear what exactly led to the spat, but it’s safe to say things aren’t exactly great right now for the 2-2 Ravens, who are now tied with the Browns and Bengals for first place in the AFC North. This is the second brutal collapse Baltimore has endured in two weeks after their Week 2 debacle vs. the Dolphins.

This also puts far greater importance on Ravens vs. Bengals in Week 5, as the winner of that game has a chance to take a one-game lead in the AFC North race if the Browns lose to the Chargers.