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Bengals vs. Falcons Week 7 Madden Simulation

We simulate Bengals vs Falcons in Madden to try to predict the outcome of the week 7 game

Bengals vs Falcons Madden highlights

The Cincinnati Bengals had a solid offensive performance against the New Orleans Saints and will look to continue that into Week 7 against the Atlanta Falcons.

The biggest test against these Falcons though will be the run defense. Without DJ Reader, the Bengals have struggled in run defense, and the Falcons have thrived through their rushing game, especially with a very mobile quarterback in Marcus Mariota.

Now, let’s take a look at what Madden thinks will happen in the Week 7 game.

The Bengals start out with the ball and quickly drive down the field with little concern about the Falcons defense even slowing them down. On 1st and Goal, Joe Mixon takes a hand off and is able to run the ball in for the Bengal to take an early lead.

Joe Mixon first touchdown

Bengals: 7 - 0

Following the Bengals touchdown, the Falcons get the ball and continue driving down the field. The Falcons get into range, and Mariota hits Khadarel Hodge for a touchdown to tie up the game.

Khadarel Hodge touchdown

Tied: 7 - 7

The Bengals receive the ball and start to drive down the field, but they are not able to get a touchdown, having to settle for a 40-yard field goal. McPherson puts it through for the Bengals to take the lead back.

Evan McPherson touchdown

Bengals: 10 - 7

Following the Bengals field goal, the Falcons get the ball and drive down the field. On 2nd and goal, Mariota drops back to pass, but with nobody open, takes off and is able to scoot into the end zone to give the Falcons the lead.

Marcus Mariota touchdown

Falcons: 14 - 10

After the Falcons touchdown, the Bengals drive down the field and from the 38-yard line Burrow throws the ball to Mixon who is able to grab the ball and run all the way down the field for a touchdown.

Joe Mixon second touchdown

Bengals: 17 - 14

After the Bengals touchdown they are finally able to get a defensive stop. As they did often in 2022, they are able to drive down the field and get some points as the half ends with a long field goal from Evan McPherson.

Evan McPherson second field goal

Bengals: 20 - 14

Following the field goal to end the half neither team scores any points in the third quarter, but the Bengals draw close by the end. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, Joe Mixon is finally able to punch it in for 6 points extending the Bengals lead. The Bengals attempt to go for two, but are unable to convert.

Joe Mixon third touchdown

Bengals: 26 - 14

After the Bengals touchdown they quickly get the ball back following a turnover and Joe Burrow hits Tee Higgins in the end zone for a touchdown.

Tee Higgins touchdown

Bengals: 33 - 14

Following the touchdown the Falcons are able to drive down the field. Down by 19 they need a touchdown and are able to get one with a beautiful catch in the corner of the end zone.

Falcons third touchdown

Bengals: 33 - 21

Following the Falcons touchdown the Bengals drive down the field before being forced to settle for a field goal, making it a 15 point game with two minutes left.

Evan McPherson Field Goal

Bengals: 36 - 21

Following the field goal, the Bengals stop the Falcons on fourth down. The Bengals then run out the clock with a kneel and win the game by 15 points.

Final Score

Bengals: 36 - 21

Just like in Madden, the Bengals’ best bet would be to get out to an early lead and force the Falcons away from the run game. The question will be if they can manage to do it on Sunday.