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Cincy Jungle Staff picks for ‘Thursday Night Football’ and open thread

Lamar Jackson and the Ravens are heading to Tampa Bay to take on Tom Brady and the Bucs.

New England Patriots vs Baltimore Ravens Staff Photo By Matt Stone/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have hit a rough spot with the Baltimore Ravens coming to town.

Tom Brady lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Carolina Panthers coming into this primetime game. The Ravens are coming in off a loss to the New York Giants and a close win against the Cleveland Browns.

This game should be very telling for one of these teams if they walk away from this with a bad loss.

The Bucs and Brady only put up a field goal last week, and that simply won’t do against the Ravens. Baltimore’s offense has slowed down after their hot start to the season, but it is still safe to bet on them scoring in the 20s. Injuries have certainly played a part for Tampa Bay’s offense, as they have essentially been a turnstile at the wide receiver position.

However, Brady just doesn’t look like he is the same guy who can elevate an offense anymore, and the entire situation with the Bucs is pretty reliant on that.

The Ravens have been all over the place. Sometimes, they come out firing on all cylinders and others they seem to sleepwalk through games. The team lost J.K. Dobbins again, but we saw the revival of Gus Edwards with two touchdowns last week. Mark Andrews continues to be the biggest receiving threat while Rashod Bateman is providing a solid alternate option for Jackson.

Here is who the Cincy Jungle staff is taking. This will also be tonight’s open thread, so join the fun!