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Lou Anarumo is outsmarting opposing offenses

The defensive coordinator has built a defense that dominates in almost every phase of the game.

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As it turns out, last year’s playoffs were just the beginning.

Lou Anarumo’s run as a defensive mastermind continues into this regular season.

By almost any metric, the Bengals’ defensive coordinator has built a shutdown defense.

Cincinnati is allowing opposing offenses to find success on only 62% of their drives. That is the best rate in the entire NFL.

This is because the Bengals have been able to shut down the run and prevent scores through the air. They’ve also gotten off the field rather quickly, which is quite impressive considering the five turnovers the Bengals’ offense had in the opener.

And while there is a lot of talent on that roster, a lot of credit must be given to Anarumo, who has taken the pass rushers he’s been given (really, only Trey Hendrickson can be considered a top-notch pass rusher) and used them as effectively as possible.

While the Bengals don’t blitz a lot, when they do, they have the highest rate of success in the league.

Anarumo’s schemes have also gotten the most out of players like Sam Hubbard, not considered a pass rush specialist.

So now, after dumping a Miami Dolphins offense that had been on fire, they will face a very frustrated Baltimore Ravens team that has blown two huge leads in three weeks. Will Anarumo and company be able to keep Lamar Jackson in check? Or will the best first half offense in the NFL keep its foot on the gas the entire game?

We had guest Parker Blake, an o-line coach in Utah, break down the matchup for us:

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