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Zac Taylor explains handling of La’el Collins’ injury and practice schedule

The veteran tackle is still recovering from a back issue, but Zac Taylor and the staff seem to have a plan to help him out.

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

One of the Bengals’ biggest signings this offseason was adding former Cowboys offensive tackle La’el Collins. It was seemingly the biggest step towards protecting Joe Burrow like he never has been before.

However, Collins had some unfortunate luck with a back injury during the offseason that lingered throughout training camp. It apparently is still an issue currently, but head coach Zac Taylor think he and the staff have found a plan for mitigating how much pain he will have to deal with.

Veteran days off are not at all uncommon for established players. It helps more when that player has had plenty of time to establish a connection with his fellow offensive linemen and all of that, but if it is the difference between being a little more practiced and not being close enough to 100 percent or being closer to 100 percent but one less practice, it should always be the latter.

Collins had a rough start to the season as we saw T.J. Watt and Micah Parsons give him the business on the way to huge games for both. It makes sense though that with a unit that were taking their first live snaps together and Collins not being healthy to have struggled in these matchups.

It will be interesting to see just how long Collins is given this treatment, and if this actually shows a turning point for the offensive line going forward. They certainly looked good against the Miami Dolphins, but they will have to prove they can do this every week.