Our season is coming undone by injuries and poor offenaive line play again.

1. Reader injury is killing our run D. Browns destroyed us.

2. Awuzie injury along with Apple muscle pull is a big problem with Bills and Chiefs looming. Not good

3. Offensive line is not right. Both tackles are playing hurt and it shows. LT was awful last night. Cant tell me his knee from the other week is 100%. He looks slow.

4. Playcalling minus Chase stunk. Didnt chip ends with TE. No motion to free key guys up. Too many ugly games like this and our lines right now are not good enough to win ugly.

5. And lastly we did nothing at trade deadline. Not necessarily upset about that but we need a CB amd starting rookies doesnt bode well there. Taylor-Britt looked like Taylor-Toast last night.

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