Trying to Play Fortune Teller here

With the Bye behind us and a week to reflect on the season let me say this, Wow what a weird year it has been so far, we are 10 disappointing weeks in with 8 really (potentially) exciting weeks to go. The AFC Playoff race is in full swing and it is closer that ever as only 2 games separate the 1 seed from the 9 seed. Our Bengals currently sit in 9th place in the Playoff picture, which sounds bad until you look at what is left in front of this team. Currently the picture looks like this

1) Chiefs @ 7-2

2) Dolphins @ 7-3

3) Titans @ 6-3

4) Ravens @ 6-3

5) Jets @ 6-3

6) Bills @ 6-3

7) Patriots @ 5-4

8) Chargers @ 5-4

9) Bengals @ 5-4

10) Colts @ 4-5-1

Currently the Bengals are 2-1 against the teams that are ahead of them, Beating the Jets and Dolphins and Losing to the Ravens. The quirky part is of the 8 teams ahead of us we play 7 of them, with the Chiefs Bills and Ravens coming here and @ the Patriots, the only team we cannot directly affect is the Chargers. The Playoff drive starts this week in Pittsburgh and I feel like the number of wins to make the playoff in the AFC is going to be 10, which means we need to go 5-3 down the stretch. (full disclosure, I think the Ravens win the division barring injuries and another complete collapse). I feel like 11 wins guarantees us at least the 5th Playoff seed and to win the North it will take at least 12.

I feel like we can beat the Steelers, Ravens Pats, Titans and Bucs. Bengals may struggle against the Browns (they always do) Bills and Chiefs but those are also games that we should be competitive in as all 3 are in Cincy. Question is do you think this Bengals team can get healthy quickly enough to get hot again and carry some momentum thru this difficult playoff push and into the post season or do you think they have dug themselves too deep a hole? Personally I think we can get back to the Playoffs and if we do that will mean that we will have beaten a fair number of the other teams that is going to make it and might be able to go on another run. Ok prediction time, I think the Bengals find a way to 11 wins and get the 5 seed and win at least 1 playoff game again this year. I cannot wait to see the boys get back at it this weekend and see what happens, no matter what the rest of the season should be exciting to watch

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