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Joe Burrow weighs in on turf fields debate

The Cincy QB prefers turf over natural grass.

Syndication: The Enquirer Sam Greene-The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

The turf to natural grass debate has become a hotter topic among NFL players and fans over recent weeks, especially after a trip to Germany and multiple players having to change cleats to hopefully avoid injury.

For the Cincinnati Bengals, Paycor Stadium features a turf playing surface, and according to franchise QB, Joe Burrow, that is what he prefers overall and can players tell a difference:

“The field quality is the first thing you notice when you walk out there. Kind of changes the cleats you wear changes how you cut, how you run routes all the above,” Burrow said Wednesday.

“I think having universal turf would be a great thing for us as players. I don’t know the stats on injuries or anything based off of the playing surface. I personally like playing on turf. But I do wish that each stadium had the same turf.”

A uniform field surface is what Burrow and others around the league would like to see.

Will it be turf or grass? Who knows which one, but it will help players prepare and hopefully avoid injuries as they can have the proper gear across the board.