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Trey Hendrickson limps off with injury vs. Steelers but is fine

Bullet dodged.


Trey Hendrickson has returned to the field, so he’s fine for the time being. He actually drew a holding penalty late in the second quarter.

The Cincinnati Bengals are taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers, and their attempt at revenge for Week 1 may have become a little more difficult.

Star pass rusher Trey Hendrickson limped off the field in the first quarter against the Steelers. It seemed there was a pile up of players on a running play. Hendrickson went to the blue tent and didn’t return to the drive that ended with a touchdown run toward his side of the field.

He had made a huge play previously breaking up a pass to running back Najee Harris as he dropped back into coverage. The defense also has been able to get rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett off his spot, but we will see if that continues without Hendrickson.

Hendrickson has since left the blue tent and is now sitting on the bench.

We will update this post if any more details come out on Hendrickson’s issue.