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George Pickens, Myles Jack not fined for hits against Bengals

Excuse me?

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers have taken many hits this year, so the NFL decided to not hit the pockets of two of their players, even though they probably should have.

Wide receiver George Pickens and linebacker Myles Jack were not fined by the league for their hits against the Cincinnati Bengals during last week’s game. Jack speared Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow on the ground with his head, while Pickens did the same to Tyler Boyd on one of the last plays of the game.

Mind you, Pickens was penalized and ejected for his helmet-to-helmet hit on Boyd.

There’s not much to say in the defense of the league, who reviews these incidents regardless of the real-time ramifications. Jack’s hit was made a non-issue when it happened, so the review process would be when the league can step in and say, “Yeah we messed up, we’ve docked his check to prove it.” Instead, nothing.

As for Pickens... I mean, what?

We would never claim the NFL has favorite franchises. We would never even come close to insinuating that. The shield simply knew the Steelers’ offseason is set to begin soon, and didn’t want to force either player to cut down on vacation spending.

Very thoughtful for the holidays!