What are the 2022 Chiefs fans saying about the Bengals prior to the game?

  • The Bengals have a better quarterback and receivers (than the Titans) but are nowhere near as physical as the Titans. It isn't even close.
  • Ryan Tannehill also has a winning record against Mahomes.....he's 2-1.
  • Burrow is at least the 4th, maybe 5th guy that they've tried to give the other half of the Manning-Brady rivalry label alongside Patrick Mahomes. There is one constant....and it's Patrick Mahomes
  • I thought Allen and Mahomes was the next Brady Manning.
  • And Burrow is like the 5th guy they've tried to assign as his next big rival.
  • Remember when it was Lamar and Mahomes? Pepperidge Farms remembers.
  • I bet they (The Bengals) don’t make the playoffs.
  • The Bengals got very lucky twice last year. I don’t think they are getting lucky again.
  • This game will be a bigger challenge for the Bengals than it was when the Chiefs had Tyreek Hill.
  • How many sacks does Carlos Dunlap get against his former team?


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