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Confidence in the Bengals takes a big hit

It has quite literally been a roller-coaster season so far for fans.

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images

The fans of the Cincinnati Bengals fans certainly haven’t had reason to feel comfortable for long this season.

The team had high hopes coming into the year but started 0-2. Then, when they found momentum, they were struck down by the Baltimore Ravens.

Now, we have a similar situation as the Bengals laid an absolute dud of a game on Monday Night Football against the Cleveland Browns, who were on a four-game losing streak.

You can lay out all the excuses you want. Wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase was out, D.J Reader was out or their secondary got destroyed by injuries. It still doesn’t excuse being that ill-prepared for a game in the NFL.

Does that excuse the confidence in the Bengals dropping to a season-low of 18% in the latest Bengals Reacts Survey?

It may not be time to start hitting the big red panic button yet. Everyone was convinced Cincinnati would be buyers at the trade deadline, but from their perspective, they are still 4-4 with a game against the pesky Carolina Panthers on the horizon before their bye week. If they are 5-4 going into their bye week, it will be an entirely different feeling than dropping two winnable games and that much farther behind the Ravens. You have to wonder what a loss would do to the fan base’s confidence.

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