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Bengals at Bucs Week 15 Madden Simulation

We simulated Bengals vs. Bucs in Madden to try to simulate the outcome of the Week 15 matchup.

Bengals at Bucs Madden highlights

The Cincinnati Bengals are on a hot streak, and if it continues to the end of the regular season, they could even end up with the AFC No. 1 seed with a little help.

Before looking too far, however, the Bengals have a huge road test this week. Despite looking awful against the 49ers, the Bucs still have Tom Brady and can’t be fully counted out.

As of now, they still sit atop the NFC South and have plenty of motivation trying to win out this season starting with a win against Cincy.

With that in mind, let’s take a look and see what Madden predicts for the week 15 matchup.

Bengals at Bucs Madden

The Bengals start off with the ball, but an over-dedication to the ground game results in third and long, and they are forced to punt. Both teams try to get their run game going, but ultimately fail, resulting in no points in the first quarter.

Entering the second quarter, the Bucs get the ball and are able to get a drive going. Eventually Leonard Fournette is able to punch the ball in and the Bucs take the lead.

Leonard Fournette Touchdown

Bucs: 7 - 0

The Bengals get the ball back following the touchdown, following a penalty and a run on second and long they are forced to punt. The Bucs get the ball back and are able to drive down the field and score on a Chris Godwin touchdown.

Chris Godwin Touchdown

Bucs: 14 - 0

Time runs out in the second quarter and the Bengals are forced to kickoff at the start of the half. The Bucs take the ball down the field, but the Bengals finally get a stop and force the Bucs to take a field goal.

Field goal good

Bucs: 17 - 0

The Bengals get the ball and need a score now, they do finally get it figured out and are able to drive down the field and score on a Hayden Hurst catch.

Hayden Hurst touchdown

Bucs: 17 - 7

The Bucs get the ball and get to almost midfield before the Bengals stop them. They punt and are able to pin the Bengals at their own 1. This is a nightmare for the Bengals who need a quick score with not much time remaining. They get a little breathing room on first down, when on the next play coverage breaks down and Burrow is able to hit Ja’Marr Chase for the wide open 94 yard touchdown.

Ja’Marr Chase touchdown

Bucs: 17 - 14

With the Bucs receiving the ball there is plenty of time left if the Bengals are able to get off the field quickly. However, this time, the Bengals defense does not step up, giving up two key third down conversions.

With not timeouts left, the Bengals defense has one chance to give Burrow a shot, but Mike Evans makes a great catch against Eli Apple, sealing the win and allowing Brady to kneel it out.

Final Score

Bucs: 17 - 14

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