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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Saturday Slay Ride

The Cincinnati Bengals can clinch a playoff spot this week, be it by help or via controlling their own destiny. They take on Bill Belichick’s Patriots, who have long been a thorn in Cincinnati’s side and is looking to wash away a bad taste in their mouth from last week’s loss.

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The Cincinnati Bengals are awaiting to find out their playoff destiny after this week’s slate of games plays out, but they are also in control of their fate. Still, by the time Christmas Eve rolls around when they get set to take on the New England Patriots, they may have already punched their postseason ticket.

On this week show, we look at the clinching scenarios, the injury report and keys to the game against the Patriots. We also ask a divisive question about the best path forward for this team.

Here are some of the facets on this week’s show:

-Cincinnati has three Pro Bowl players. Who were the snubs?

-A significant development on how to watch NFL games on TV from here out.

-Is there any reality wherein it’s beneficial for the Bengals to have a regular season loss, as opposed to trying to go on an improbable 12-game win streak?

-What is scary about the New England Patriots?

And much more!

Our thanks to those who joined us on Thursday night for the live show! You can now get it on your favorite streamer!

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