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Tom Brady praises Joe Burrow, jokes that leaving Ohio State was best decision ever

The NFL Legend likes what he sees from the second-year Quarterback.

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Joe Burrow has already become a legend to Cincinnati Bengals fans in his second year as the starting quarterback for the franchise.

He has also gained another fan in Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady.

Before announcing his retirement on Tuesday morning, Brady joined the Lets Go! Podcast and took some time to talk about impressive start to Burrow’s young career.

“I think Joe’s got some tools that I didn’t quite have when I was his age, so super impressed by how he’s kind of come into the league and went to Cincinnati, which has been a tough place to play over the years,” Brady said.

“And, you know, two years into his career, after a really tough injury last year, showed a lot of mental and physical toughness coming back and having an incredible season.”

Brady, a Michigan Wolverines alum, even joked about Burrow leaving Ohio State to transfer to LSU.

Brady also mentioned how happy he is to see Burrow playing at such a high level, as he obviously knows the work you have to put in to make a run like the Bengals are on currently.

For Burrow this is just another confidence booster from one of the greats.

Up until this season, everyone knew the talent he had, but he seemed to be a tier under Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, and Lamar Jackson as one of the star young quarterbacks to usher in the new era of the position.

With this postseason run, that has changed completely.

The Bengals have their franchise cornerstone, and it seems that it can only go up from here. Now, let’s hope Burrow can even have a semblance of the success Brady did in the big game.