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Joe Burrow: ‘I wasn’t coming out’ after rough 4th quarter hit to knee

Burrow’s final sack of the Super Bowl could’ve been his final snap as well.

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Joe Burrow managed to survive the entire 21-game slate behind the Cincinnati Bengals’ offensive line. He nearly didn’t towards the end of the Super Bowl.

With just under 12 minutes remaining in the season, Burrow was sacked for the seventh and final time of the night, which tied the Super Bowl record by the way. Von Miller met him in the pocket and the All-Pro edge rusher pulled him to the ground as fellow linebacker Justin Hollins piled on Burrow from another angle. This caused Burrow’s right knee to twist as he was taken down, and Burrow took a minute to get up off the field. The second-year quarterback eventually limped towards the sideline, and the entire football world feared the worst.

What happened with Burrow’s knee is yet to be determined, but it looked pretty bad at first glance. When asked if he thought the potential injury could’ve sidelined him for the remainder of the game, Burrow responded with the predictable answer:

I wasn’t coming out.”

Burrow has been under duress and subject to beatings despite the team’s postseason run. Though it’s not something sustainable for an entire season (or career, while we’re at it), the team was hoping they could overcome it just once more. But the Rams proved to be too much for Burrow to handle behind an offensive line that’s sure to change, again, this offseason.

It would’ve been awful to see Burrow exit the game with another knee injury. To put it bluntly, the Bengals were lucky it didn’t come to that. They managed to keep him clean for the entire first half, and the wheels seemed to fall off in the third quarter.

The hit was gnarly-looking, but Burrow’s toughness won out as he played the remainder of the game. No quarterback would’ve taken a seat in that scenario if we’re being honest, but it’s further testament to No. 9’s willingness to fight despite his line crumbling in front of him.

If the Bengals find themselves back here, they cannot put him in this position again.