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Bengals greeted by massive crowd of fans after flight home from Super Bowl

Who Dey Nation showed out Monday night.

Fans Gather To Watch The Cincinnati Bengals Against The L.A. Rams In Super Bowl LVI Photo by Jon Cherry/Getty Images

There won’t be a Super Bowl victory parade in Cincinnati this week. Few fanbases in America deserve that more than Cincinnati Bengals fans, who further validated their loyalty and compassion Monday night as the team arrived home from Los Angeles.

The Bengals were greeted by hundreds of fans outside of Paul Brown Stadium as their buses arrived from the airport.

Thousands of Bengals fans from around the country made the trip out to Los Angeles and saw their team lose a heartbreaker against the hometown Los Angeles Rams. It was Cincinnati’s first Super Bowl appearance since 1989, and the fanbase was not going to miss an opportunity to see them play in the biggest game in American sports.

Despite the tough defeat, you gotta hand it to the fans for showing their support after the fact. This team will undoubtedly go down as one of the more memorable groups in franchise history, and what they accomplished to get to Super Bowl LVI is no small feat. The fans as a whole realize that, and their support is not going unnoticed.

If this season accomplished anything, it re-invigorated the city’s passion for its football team. The Bengals are back to being competitive, and their bright future is hard to dismiss.