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Bengals reveal Super Bowl uniform combo by calling back to jersey leak

As orange as possible for Super Bowl LVI.

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Las Vegas Raiders v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Remember when the Cincinnati Bengals’ new uniforms were found on eBay hanging on a plastic hanger somewhere in Florida? The Bengals do.

In their official Super Bowl uniform announcement, the team paid homage to the fiasco that spoiled their reveal last Spring, fittingly calling it a “glow-up” for the jersey. They will be sporting the black jersey, white pants with orange stripes, and orange socks.

The Bengals have worn this combination twice this season. They debuted it against the San Francisco 49ers back in Week 14 in an overtime loss, and then wore it again in their Wild Card victory over the Las Vegas Raiders. This is also the exact same color scheme the Bengals wore in their first Super Bowl appearance in 1982.

Despite the wishes of many fans, teams aren’t permitted to wear alternate uniforms in the postseason, meaning the Bengals can’t play in their orange jerseys. The Bengals are considered the home team against the Los Angeles Rams, and the black jersey is their designated home jersey.

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