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Police officer who’s a Bengals fan given Super Bowl tickets after being shot on duty

The police officer has left the hospital and should be able to make it to SoFi Stadium next weekend!

NFL: DEC 02 Broncos at Bengals Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Many Cincinnati Bengals fans, most of which have through the gloomy days the franchise has had since its last appearances in the Super Bowl in the late 1980s, are making the trip to the Super Bowl.

Thanks to Jim Irsay, the Colts owner, four fans will be doing it free of charge.

Well, there are more feel-good stories coming to life as the Super Bowl nears, and one happens to be coming out of Milwaukee, where a 26-year-old police officer was recently shot but thankfully lived through it.

Herbert Davis, the officer and also a life-long Bengals fan, has managed to leave the hospital, and he’ll be heading home to pack his bags and preparing to take a trip to California in a week and a half.

Davis was gifted Super Bowl tickets.

“WTMJ-AM and Good Karma Brands surprised the officer on live radio. They bought him two Super Bowl tickets, two plane tickets, a hotel room, and are giving him a couple thousand dollars in spending money to use while at the game. Originally, a GoFundMe was set up to get Officer Davis to the Super Bowl. But then WTMJ-AM stepped in to get him to Los Angeles,” Tom Durian of TMJ4 wrote.

Davis noted later in Durian’s article that he’s going to be taking his father, the one that originally got him into loving the Bengals. It also noted that Davis remained speechless for a couple of moments which clearly shows just how much the gesture means to the young man.

Who Dey!