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Why the Bengals should sign James Daniels

The Bengals need a guard. He plays guard.

Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Even though the Cincinnati Bengals had a backup right tackle, Isaiah Prince, in for the Super Bowl, the weakest link was still right guard, just as it had been all season.

Our John Sheeran has a solution: James Daniels, a 327 pound guard for the Chicago Bears hitting free agency. Daniels, still just 24-years-old, has demonstrated the athleticism he put on display in college at Iowa. But the Bears have many holes on their roster and may try to replace Daniels in the Draft.

Here’s what Sheeran had to say:

“They really need guards more than anything, and James Daniels has been a guard for the Bears. He was a right guard this past season. He had a pass-blocking grade of 68. He only gave up three sacks. He, you know, gave up some pressures here and there, but he plays fairly cleanly.”

Sheeran was a proponent of drafting Daniels back in 2018 and still sees the upside that enticed him back then, even if he doesn’t think he’ll necessarily become a Pro Bowler:

“He’s an incredible athlete. He came out of Iowa ready to run wide zone. As a center, he was making reach blocks that I’ve never seen a collegiate center make, at least at that time. And, for whatever reason, he kind of fell in the Draft, and the Bengals passed him by in favor of Billy Price. But they have an evaluation of what he was back then, and I think he’s only gotten better now... If the Bengals are serious about addressing that guard spot, I can’t think of a better scheme fit than James Daniels.”

You can watch Sheeran’s analysis below:

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