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Where did Joe Burrow’s nicknames ‘Joe Brrrr’ and ‘Joe Shiesty’ come from?

We owe Joe Burrow’s nicknames to this man alone.

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Making the Super Bowl is an incredible feat, but the Cincinnati Bengals ascended to further heights of internet popularity long before they punched their ticket to Los Angeles.

Joe Burrow’s done enough of that on his own without even trying. The Cartier frames, diamond necklaces, and his overall essence has captivated football fans across the country. But a Cowboys fan with a social media presence saw all of that swagger just in his play when he was toasting the AFC North during the regular season.

It was during a TikTok video following the Bengals Week 12 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers when the man known as Traphousesports first uttered the monikers “Joe Shiesty” and “Joe Brrrrr.” The exact quote came via commentary of Burrow’s first-quarter touchdown run from that game. (Warning: explicit language)

“Look at Joe Shiesty, Joe Brrrrr out here showing Ben [Roethlisberger] what a semi-mobile quarterback actually looks like.”

I don’t think he knew what he started.

Traphousesports would go on to provide more voiceover on top of NFL highlights and would feature more Bengals games, including the Week 16 win over the Ravens, the AFC North-clinching win over the Chiefs, and the Bengals’ three playoff victories thus far.

All wins, with the nicknames he coined growing as fast as his brand. In a matter of just a few months, Traphousesports has gained nearly two million followers on TikTok for his commentary videos.

Every football fan who can roll his or her tongue has let a Brrrrrrr leave their mouth when talking about the Bengals’ quarterback. The ice-cold nature of Burrow’s aura made it a perfect nickname for the quarterback that didn’t really have one at the time. His dad, Jimmy, likes “Jackpot Joey.” The team has tweeted out “Joey Franchise.” Burrow himself is on record saying “Joe” is just fine.

Nah, Joe Brrrrr it is. However many r’s you want. And you have Traphousesports to thank.

How can you thank him? You can follow his content on TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and check out his official merchandise. He launched Bengals-related appeal last month, and they’ve quickly sold out, so if you’d like one when they’re re-stocked, he’s got you covered.

Seeing the Bengals in the national spotlight has been unbelievably welcoming, but in today’s climate, it’s not just the talking heads coming from traditional media mediums. Traphousesports has nearly single-handily made the Bengals culturally iconic during this historic run they’ve been on.

Put some respect on his name.