So here's a mock where I traded away 2023 1st rounder

I went into this one making no assumptions on what might or might not happen along the OL this FA season. So with Linderbaum easily being the safest IOL in this draft especially at Center I decided to trade 2023 1st, one of our 4th rounders and a 6th to get this while keeping pick 31. Pick 31 is Penning who has a nasty streak in him, so I'm hopefully solidifying 2 of our weakest spots on the OL with guys locked in with a rookie pay scale for the next 5 years. Jalen Pitre can simply do everything in the backend with a very high football IQ. Next 2 coming off the board are a couple players that are at the top of their positional groups and Beavers will upgrade the LB group as a whole. Joseph is being taken and he's a true FS with range and great ball instincts and with what I'm assuming is a Bates franchise tag he can learn the system. Couple of my late gems in Brooks and Austin, Brooks is a major upgrade to Perine and Austin has big play potential and can be our returner as well at only 5-8 he does go 175 lbs or so so this kid is solid and he brings a 40 time possibly in the 4.2 range so this is just more playmakers to reek havoc against opposing defenses.

I guess the big question for the fans, as I don't believe the FO would do this type of deal, but would you be willing to make this type of trade in order to advance this team even further. Linderbaum is a MAJOR upgrade to the Center position and really I the only value I gave up was the 1st in 2023. We still own a 4th round pick and we gave up a 6th round so seemed like a no brainer given the ability to keep our 1st this year.

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