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The majority of America is rooting for Bengals to beat Rams in Super Bowl LVI

The Bengals bandwagon continues to expand exponentially.

Syndication: The Enquirer Meg Vogel/ The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Cincinnati Bengals were projected to finish last in the AFC North this season.

That didn’t happen, as the Bengals won the division and proceeded to go on the road and down the AFC’s top two teams in the NFL playoffs.

Now, they’re playing to hoist the franchise’s first Super Bowl.

It’s their first trip since 1989, so fans have been waiting a while to be back on this stage. Given the electric play and fashion of quarterback Joe Burrow, the second-year star has helped create a host of new Bengals’ fans.

That said, per Local 12, the bulk of America is rooting for the Bengals.

“The website analyzed geotagged keyword association Twitter data since Jan. 31, tracking official fan hashtags for each team in every state. For example, hashtags such #RuleTheJungle, #WhoDey and #RuleItAll were included for Cincinnati. Los Angeles-backed hashtags like #RamsHouse, #RamsNation and #GoRams were used for the Rams. Nearly 200,000 tweets were tracked overall,” WKRC wrote.

33 teams are pulling for the Bengals. 17 want the Rams to win.

That said, it’s not too shocking to see Michigan and Pennsylvania rooting for Los Angeles, especially with Rams’ quarterback Matthew Stafford having spent the vast majority of his career with the Detroit Lions.

Nonetheless, while the Bengals did get most of the East Coast, larger states like Florida, Texas, and New York are also pulling for Cincinnati. Despite all the rooting interest, the Bengals are still four-point underdogs in the league’s biggest game of the year.

Kickoff will be Sunday at 6:30 pm ET.