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Former Bengals QB Carson Palmer on Joe Burrow: “Multiple Super Bowls in the future”

The former signal-caller chimes in on the new No. 9 in town.

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Former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer has been making his rounds on Radio Row during Super Bowl week.

And of course, he’s getting lots of Bengals questions.

The former first-overall pick has history with the franchise, both good and bad.

Before the 2011 season, Palmer stated that he would rather retire than play another season in Cincinnati. After a devastating knee injury in the 2006 Wild Card game and an elbow injury costing him the final game of his 2008 season, Palmer had given up on the Bengals and was ready to play elsewhere.

After a brief stalemate with Bengals owner Mike Brown, Palmer got his wish. A trade sent him to the (then) Oakland Raiders before he ultimately finished his career, in a nice fashion, with the Arizona Cardinals.

Now, Palmer is on air praising Joe Burrow and citing his resilience as a big reason the Bengals are where they are. He didn’t go out of his way to praise the organization, but it is clear the respect he has for No. 9.

The careers of Palmer and Burrow already have similarities, as both players suffered devastating knee injuries early in their careers. Palmer’s came in the postseason, Burrow’s in the middle of a promising rookie season. Both attacked their rehab aggressively and were back for the first snap of the next season.

“They weren’t very good last year, and Joe got hurt, and they got even worse. Nobody expected this,” Palmer told USA TODAY Sports. “In September, nobody would sit there and look at that roster and say this team’s gonna be Super Bowl.”

Palmer also said he’d pick Burrow over any AFC QB to start a franchise with, then added, “He got the Bengals here. He got this roster here. I just think he has multiple Super Bowls in the future.”

As the interviews continue, Palmer may earn himself some favor back in Cincinnati. Seemingly rooting for his former franchise is a good start.