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Ja’Marr Chase cooked Marlon Humphrey so badly that people are still asking him about it

“I’ve only been asked about Ja’Marr Chase cooking me.... six times,” Humphrey said sarcastically.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Marlon Humphrey helped give Ja’Marr Chase his ascension to stardom moment.

It wasn’t just a moment but an entire game. Chase absolutely cooked the All-Pro cornerback for what was a career-high 201 yards.

However, in the first matchup between the Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs, Chase topped that with 266 yards.

It was this first breakout performance that put him in the national spotlight. Chase went for two touchdowns as well. He ended the game with 8 receptions for 201 yards on 10 targets. In total, Humphrey gave up seven completions for 227 yards and a 70% completion rate.

Let’s just say he’s still being asked about Chase’s performance in that battle.

Chase did have an 82-yard touchdown to top it all off. To be fair to Humphrey though, he did manage an interception in that battle, one which the Bengals won 41-17. Cincinnati won both games against the Baltimore Ravens this past season.

The Bengals will continue to see Humphrey, and you can put quite a bit of money on them having a different strategy the next time around.

Many teams have been trying to take Chase out of the game, but that just opens up more opportunities for Tee Higgins. The Bengals' multiple highly talented receivers is one reason they’ve managed such high-level success.

With Jalen Ramsey on deck, they’ll need something special planned for this coming Sunday as they’ll not only have to deal with Ramsey but a formidable front three putting pressure on quarterback Joe Burrow as well.