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Tom Brady tried to convince Alex Cappa to return to Bucs

Cappa is set to play a large role on the Bengals offensive line this upcoming season.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Las Vegas Raiders Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

If there was only one thing the Cincinnati Bengals desperately needed to correct this offseason, it was their offensive line.

Allowing your quarterback, which could end up as one of the best in franchise history, to take sacks at one of the highest rates in the league is unacceptable.

Joe Burrow was also sacked 16 times in twp playoff games, nine against the Titans and seven in the Super Bowl. In the other two games, the Bengals line held up well against weaker defensive lines.

The offensive line was not good enough against the Rams, and to get back into that position, it was a group that needed improving. The Bengals, as did all of their fans, knew that.

To correct the issue, Cincinnati signed former Tampa Bay Buccaneers guard Alex Cappa. Cappa was a third-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. He started every game for the last two seasons, protecting future first-ballot Hall of Fame quarterback, Tom Brady.

Brady retired after the Bucs lost to the Super Bowl-winning Rams. But, he recently announced that he’s not done yet and will return for his 23rd season in the league, shocking the NFL world who had expected the NFC South to be up for grabs in 2022.

Brady reportedly asked Cappa to re-sign with Tampa Bay, after convincing 30-year-old center Ryan Jensen to do just that. Cappa didn’t buy into Brady’s request though and will be a Bengal next season.

This is great news for the Bengals, but it’s bigger than most may think. For quite a while, Cincinnati hasn’t been a premier offseason place for free agents. Having a player not return to Tom Brady and instead stick with Joe Burrow is big time.

The Bengals are going to be far improved up front with Cappa, and the importance of this signing cannot be understated.