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Browns cut JC Tretter; should the Bengals be interested?

With the talented center on the market, should the Bengals make a move to continue shoring up the OL?

NFL: JAN 09 Bengals at Browns Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

JC Tretter is being released by the Cleveland Browns. One of the top 5-10 centers in the NFL, Tretter is certainly someone that could help the Cincinnati Bengals’ offensive line.

However, the question of if, or should, the Bengals be interested is very different.

To start free agency on Monday, the Bengals reported the signing of two interior offensive lineman in Ted Karras and Alex Cappa. Karras seems likely to play center with the Bengals, despite playing left guard last year.

But if the Bengals sign Tretter, Karras could be slid out to left again. This flexibility does give the Bengals the option to pay Tretter, and having a completely rebuilt interior o-line, these three players would represent a huge upgrade over what they had.

When asking if they will though, the question has to take into consideration the fact that the Bengals took Jackson Carman last year in the second round and may want to give him a chance to start at guard, which he wouldn’t really have if Karras and Tretter are signed.

The Bengals could of course try Carman out at right tackle as well, but in the end, it seems more likely they attempt to improve the right tackle spot and have a competition between Carman and a low money veteran like Quinton Spain for the left guard spot.

So in the end, should the Bengals pursue Tretter?

Yes, they absolutely should.

Will they though? That seems more unlikely.

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