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Updated Super Bowl LVII and NFL MVP odds

The Bengals spent some money, but has it helped change their odds to win the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Free agency is well underway, and players across the league players are about to start calling their new teams home.

For the Cincinnati Bengals, they have already invested in some offensive lineman to help protect Joe Burrow, but the big question remains: Can the Bengals make another run to the Super Bowl?

With all the movement across the league in the last few days, whether it be free agency or trade, DraftKings updated their odds for whom they think will win the Super Bowl this coming season, and they have the Bengals at +2200.

Favorites to take home the Lombardi trophy are the Buffalo Bills at +750, followed by the Chiefs at +800, and the Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers both at +850.

DraftKings also has the Bengals at +1000 to win the AFC again this coming season.

As for NFL MVP odds, Joe Burrow came in at +1200, tied with Russell Wilson and trailing only Josh Allen (+700), Patrick Mahomes (+750), Aaron Rodgers (+800), and Justin Herbert and Tom Brady both at +1000.

Now, if this last season has taught us anything, it’s that these odds mean almost nothing once it comes to playoff games, but it also shows that the Bengals will need to make a few more moves to strengthen their weaknesses, especially across the offensive line.

Whether it be through a trade, free agency, or wait until the draft, one goal is clear, and that’s to protect Burrow better. Without that, a repeat run to the Super Bowl would be tough.

However, if they can string together a few good moves to help shore up the line, tight end and cornerback, then we might be able to see these odds increase up in the coming weeks.

Should be a fun month or so as we approach draft day.

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