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Bengals are not the only ones looking to add La’el Collins

A new suitor has emerged for the talented right tackle.

Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Bengals need a right tackle. La’el Collins is arguably the best right tackle available, and he was previously coached by Cincinnati’s o-line coach, Frank Pollack.

Meanwhile, Collins’ current team, the Dallas Cowboys, reportedly isn’t asking for much in return. The cap-strung team apparently just needs to dump his salary so that they can add a pass rusher. This according to Jake Liscow, host of Locked on Bengals, who joined us to talk free agency:

Liscow noted that on March 20, the Cowboys will be on the hook for over half of Collins’ 2022-23 salary, or, $6.4 million. So they if they want to trade him, they will likely do so before that date. And it seems all but a given that Collins won’t be in Dallas next year, as the front office has given his agent permission to seek a trade.

So yes, the Bengals still have time to make a move for Collins. However, as Liscow points out, they now have to compete with the New England Patriots, who are interested in acquiring the big right tackle and just traded Shaq Mason to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a fifth round pick, perhaps to clear space for Collins.

If that were to happen, Bengals fans (and Liscow) may not be very happy. Listen to the entire show on iTunes or using the player below: