Has the 1st round landscape been changed??

I just finished up reading the CBS sports mock draft and I see where they had Tyler Linderbaum sliding down to us at 31. As I started to look at all the players taken ahead of him it got me thinking that it could be possible this off-season has totally changed the landscape of round 1 from 2 weeks ago till now. All of a sudden teams not in need of a WR are now clamoring to find one, teams who had pass rushers are now in need of pass rushers, the QBs were always going to be a thing of need no matter how many got moved around. DL are now in the 1st round more so than anytime before FA started. Teams needing more OL who ended up missing out on OT that needed the tackle or guard position.

I guess my question is this, has there been enough movement in the league that could push a guy like Linderbaum down to pick 31?? At that point I know the Bengals have made a lot of moves to shore up the OL but if we're looking BPA is he really a guy we can pass on?? Keeping in mind Karras can play LG and Linderbaum Center and this guy is going to be surrounded by Karras on one side and Cappa on the other what a way to learn.

OR, regardless if he's there or not is the FO/fans still going to want to see a CB-S-DT taken there at 31?? Best value I've been getting while doing mocks is trading down into the 2nd and getting an extra 3rd rounder. I think this draft is strong with players in that 2nd to 4th round range. One thing I've concluded with this draft and I'm 100% good with it, this draft isn't going to be that sexy draft, I think we're going to see a lot of defensive players taken, TE drafted and I'd love to see a flashy slot WR taken, Khalil Shakir, Calvin Austin, Sky Moore (probably going to high in the draft for this one though). This is a draft where we might only see 2 offensive guys taken

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