Guess I'll throw a Mock out there also

You will see this is a very defensive heavy mock draft because this is kind of the direction I feel we need to go in order to prepare for the future as well. It's pretty obvious things have picked up in the AFC so going with a Safety to get ready for Bates leaving, and the ED rusher so we can rotate healthy bodies at the OL. Darrin Beavers I feel is an upgrade to Pratt, who I do feel really came on last season, but he's going to be due a contract as well. CB I wanted on and nabbed a guy who put on a clinic at the combine, might need a year to develop and get a bit more ready for NFL game speed but he's a baller. Needed another DT and got good value in the 5th with the guy from UCLA. I know I didn't draft a TE but where we pick and going more BPA unless I'm reaching for TE it simply wasn't there and I'm not crazy about rookie TE's much rather bring in another veteran.

Much like I think our actual draft is going to go it's not going to be sexy, it's going to give us 2-3 guys we'll need to rely on right away the others are foundation building pieces.

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