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Frank Pollack wants glass eaters on his o-line

The no-nonsense coach isn’t shy about what he needs to protect Joe Burrow.

NFL: JAN 09 Bengals at Browns Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Say what you will about the Cincinnati Bengals’ offensive line, but Frank Pollack is not the problem. His knowledge and intensity are exactly what that unit needs. Now he’s looking for the personnel that will help him implement his scheme.

Speaking to reporters at the NFL Combine, Pollack mentioned the following traits for people he’d like to add to the line:

  • fit - He mentioned “scheme fit” and asked the rhetorical question “Does he fit in the room?”
  • athleticism - “We need guys who are athletic, who can run, who can play at the second level in the run game. Guys who can bend, who can anchor in protection.”
  • initiative - “Is he a leader? Is he a guy that’s gonna be that alpha male? Is he a guy that’s gonna be more reserved? I’d love to have more leadership in the room, love to have more alpha males in the room. Can’t get enough of those guys.”
  • a glass diet - “Would love to have more what I call ‘glass eaters’ in the room. Can never have enough of those guys. That’s what this league requires. Those are the kinda offensive linemen that we’re looking for.”

When asked to define “glass eater,” Pollack said:

“A guy that’s relentless in his finish. The guy that’s gonna give you the last shove. The guy that wants to rip your f—, effin’ face off.”

The followup question asked was about how you can tell who eats glass and who doesn’t. Pollack replied to the reporter: “You watch tape, and you talk to ‘em, and you ask questions. You know when a guy’s bull***ttin’ ya, right?” Apparently, some prospects have lied about eating glass.

James Rapien then asked if there are any glass eaters out there in free agency. Pollack responded, “I’ve seen a couple.”

Subsequently, the o-line coach was asked if glass eating is “innate” or something teachable? Pollack replied, “No, I think you can pull it out of a guy that has it. But it’s easier to pull a guy back then kick a guy to get him goin’.”

In short, Pollack wants guys who are “nasty” on the field. This, in part, is because his attitude is that the quarterback should never get sacked. He mentioned hating every single one of Joe Burrow’s 70 sacks taken.

No doubt, with Pollack at the helm, the o-line will at least have some attitude in the near future.

You can listen to our debate on how to improve the o-line, including adding Tampa Bay Buccaneers centers Ryan Jensen, in the video below:

You can also listen on iTunes or using the player below: