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Katie Blackburn: Bengals ‘actively’ working on indoor practice facility

Some low-hanging fruit for Bengal detractors may be gone soon.

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Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

A fact the national media often uses against the Cincinnati Bengals seemingly whenever they can may change soon.

We hear it all the time from the likes of Pat McAfee and other media outlets. The tired jokes about the Bengals lack of an indoor practice facility is amplified all of the time.

Personally, I even caught flack from Colin Cowherd over it on the internet.

Regardless of all of the discussion surrounding it, it appears the organization is taking steps to not only improve the practice facility for the team, but also give us a break from the constant dialogue that surrounds the issue.

Jay Morrison of The Athletic spoke with Katie Blackburn at the NFL Owner’s Meeting, and she revealed that the team is looking to make an indoor facility happen sooner rather than later.

“We are considering ways to make that happen, so I should be more up to speed, but we are definitely looking to play for that,” Blackburn said. “We’re looking actively at some things. It’s something we realize would be good for us to have, so we’re trying to find out ways to get it done.”

When Morrison followed up regarding the timing of it all, Blackburn insisted that it was something they were looking to make happen quickly.

“Yeah, we’re actively looking at some things,” she said. It’s something we realize would be good for us to have, so we’re trying to find out ways.”

Blackburn also states that it isn’t necessarily from a recruiting standpoint (to bring in free agents), but more of a “practicality” reason.

As harsh winters hit Cincinnati, having their own indoor facility would be beneficial, so they don’t have to travel to The University of Cincinnati to borrow theirs.

Blackburn plans to make it happen to help the team in the postseason, saying “We plan on needing it all the way to February.

You can read the full exchange between she and Morrison here:

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