Trading down from 31 mock draft..

We've all discussed the possibility of trading down out of 31st pick this year and how it could be a real likely scenario unless the right guy fell. Let's face it someone is going to fall it happens every year where you don't expect a certain player to be there. However I decided to pop a couple drop down scenario mock drafts so guys could see the value in which we're actually getting. It was a simple trade and one I didn't force simply dropping back into the 2nd round and gaining a 3rd round pick as extra compensation. The top one you see with the LB taken in round 2 is more of the BPA style of draft where I tried not to reach for anything but let it flow, Likely at TE was the biggest reach and that was only by 10 or so spots and I didn't want to put together a draft with 3-4 trades. The bottom draft I lined up a little more need vs going strictly BPA. For those wondering about CB-CB, Pitre is being projected as a Safety. Hope everyone enjoys as this is a solid draft especially in those middle rounds, really think that's a sweet spot this year.

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