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Bengals’ temporary indoor practice facility approved by city

The bubble is coming.

UPDATE: The Cincinnati City Council is now the final hurdle for the Bengals to construct their interim practice facility along the Ohio River. Their plans have been confirmed for zoning purposes but not fully approved yet.

It’s official. The Cincinnati Bengals are getting their own indoor practice facility.

While they continue working on their permanent facility, the Cincinnati City Planning Commission has approved their plans to construct a temporary bubble adjacent to their existing practice fields.

Director of Strategy and Engagement Elizabeth Blackburn was on-hand to speak on the Bengals’ behalf. The vote to approve was unanimous.

Construction will take place off of Merhig Way in-between the Brent Spence Bridge and the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge. The bubble and nearly 200 parking spaces is expected to be completed by the start of the 2022 season.

The location of the permanent facility has not been announced yet, but this bubble is expected to be used just for the upcoming season. Development on the permanent site should commence within the next year if they want to use it for 2023 and beyond.

Any indoor facility with the Bengals’ name on it has been on the minds of fans for quite some time. Following a Super Bowl run in which they had to work around an ice storm, the team has finally taken the necessary steps towards making life easier for their players and coaches when the elements get too severe.