2 different mock drafts, where we trade from round 1 and then another from 2

Well it's been a little slow on here so I decided to put 2 mocks together one where we trade out of the 1st round, another where we trade out of round 2. Decided to put the round 2 trade down in here for a couple reasons, 1 we have yet to discuss the possibility of the Bengals trading out of round 2 and what that "could" look like. Also because let's face it we seem to be more prone to trading down in round 2 and this year we didn't get any compensatory picks so the Bengals could very well be looking to add another 4th or 5th rounder into the mix. This is a solid draft in those 2-5 rounds and I think it could be wise to try and gain another pick. Some will look at the player and might not agree with them, please don't get hung up so much on the player and whether or not you like them but more so the talent that is there with the trade down aspect. I know I said don't get wrapped up in the names so much but I really like the draft where we traded out of the 2nd round a lot of impactful talent was taken.

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