Who Dey Gamer 2022 Mock Draft

I was honestly considering not making a mock this year, but in the end I couldn’t let myself do that. I made this using Draft Network so if later picks look unrealistic it’s partially on them partially on me…

R1 P31: Perrion Winfrey DT, Oklahoma - Kaiir Elam is the guy who I have a feeling Tobin and the others will have their eye on the most but if he’s gone as was the case in this mock, then Winfrey would still be a great value pick at 31.

R2 P63: Trey McBride TE, Colorado State - I honestly don’t see the best TE in the 2022 class falling this far, but if I’m wrong and he (and the rest of the TE’s) falls this far, then I don’t know how one could argue against him being the pick.

R3 P95: Coby Bryant CB, Cincinnati - Corner finally gets addressed and he’d be coming right back to Cincy!

R4 P136: Myjai Sanders EDGE, Cincinnati - Double dipping on UC would make for an interesting storyline.

R5 P174: Dohnovan West C, Arizona State - Trey Hill has shown that he absolutely cannot be handed the backup center spot without a fight. I’m hopeful that West can knock Hill down to the practice squad with ease.

R6 P209: Juanyeh Thomas S, Georgia Tech

R7 P226: Obinna Eze OT, TCU

R7 P252: Josh Jobe CB, Alabama

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