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The Bengals could land an extremely athletic WR after the Draft

The team met with one of the more intriguing college players.

Northern Iowa v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

Isaiah Weston is an extremely athletic wide receiver with great size. He’s 6’ 3.4” with a 40 yard dash time between 4.39 and 4.42 seconds. Check out his impressive testing numbers below:

And he averaged a robust 24 yards per reception and had 16 touchdowns on 87 catches from 2019-2021. Check out his highlights here.

The Bengals were one of the teams named in the tweet above to have met virtually with Weston.

But despite that talent and interest from teams, Weston isn’t expected to hear his name called at any point during the upcoming Draft.


Three reasons: 1. He played against inferior competition at Northern Iowa; 2. He is 24 years old. 3. He hasn’t shown much other than one speed and the ability to get deep; he hasn’t shown elite ability to make adjustments to the ball or defenders.

“He played against future janitors, and future plumbers, and future accountants,” said our John Sheeran. “He’s really old. He played like five or six years of the lowest level of college ball. And when you’re 6’ 3”, 212, and run like a 4.4 forty, and generate that [high RAS] score because you’re really fast and explosive, you tend to dominate against guys who aren’t athletically competent to keep up with you... And who knows what is technique is like or the coaching he was getting?”

In Sheeran’s opinion, the Bengals met with Weston to build a rapport with him that will give them an advantage after the Draft, when they can take a chance on him as an undrafted free agent with high upside and no real risk.

You can watch the entire analysis below:

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