Pick Your Favorite Mock Draft

Tonight is the night and we are all excited to see who the Bengals pick at 31. I did 4 mock drafts using PFF, which one is your favorite? There was never an option for Linderbaum but I think there is a chance he falls and would be hard to pass up. Also, Booth never showed up but I think that is someone the Bengals would draft if he is there even though I personall like Elam or Gordon better.

Who are some of your favorite players in this draft that you hope will be a Bengal this weekend? WHO DEY!

Draft 1 Draft 2 Draft 3 Draft 4
R1 P31 Kaiir Elam, CB, Florida Travis Jones, DI, Conneticut Kyler Gordon, CB, Washington Logan Hall, DI, Houston
R2 P63 Perrion Winfrey, DI, Oklahoma Kingsley Enagbare, ED, South Carolina Perrion Winfrey, DI, Oklahoma Dylan Parham, G, Memphis
R3 P95 Deangelo Malone, ED, Western Kentucky Jayln Armour-Davis, CB, Alabama Cam Jurgens, C, Nebraska Zyon McCollum, CB, Sam Houston State
R4 136 Isaiah Likely, TE Coastal Carolina Daniel Bellinger, TE, San Diego State Isaiah Likely, TE Coastal Carolina Kevin Austin Jr., WR, Notre Dame
R5 174 Joshua Ezeudu, G, North Carolina Yusef Corker, S, Kentucky Velus Jones Jr., WR, Tennessee Cole Turner, TE, Nevada
R6 209 Josh Johnson, WR, Tulsa DaRon Bland, CB, Fresno State Leon O'Neal Jr., S, Texas A&M Curtis Brooks, DI, Cincinnati
R7 226 Leon O'Neal Jr., S, Texas A&M Deven Thompkins, WR, Utah Noah Elliss, DI, Idaho Jack Jones, CB, Arizona State
R7 252 Markquese Bell, S, Florida A&M Doug Kramer, C, Illinois Deven Thompkins, WR, Utah Kyron Johnson, ED, Kansas

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